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And we believe technology can be a powerful tool to do good and help the people, if used in good faith. Our goal is to develop technology that matters, that has an impact on the lives of many.

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The recent advancements in technology bring significant benefits to the quality of life. However many global problems remain unresolved, such as hunger, poverty, inadequate living conditions, lack of education, lack of equal opportunities of development, incurable diseases, pollution, drought, wars.

Humanity seems unable to overcome a comfort zone that translates into a forced balance between costs and results: we act only when it is too late, every single time. One possible solution comes from the progress of innovative technologies that alter the balance between costs and results by implementing more efficient methods or have a direct impact on people's quality of life by addressing and solving new problems.

MagnaSCI was founded in late 2015, with the mission of developing innovative technologies that produce a positive impact on a larger number of people. The company received worldwide recognition with his first successful product, uRADMonitor, already in production.

Our objectives include the development of hybrid hardware / software products to solve an immediate problem, gradually increasing the complexity of our technology and products, the establishment a sound financial mechanism which can sustain the R&D effort behind the production.


While our resources are channeled to internal projects, in some special circumstances we can help you with the following:

Fast Hardware Prototyping

From PCB Design, soldering and 3D design to a complete hardware prototype based on your requirements.

Embedded software

Firmware development, using our vast experience on multiple hardware platforms.


Either you are building an IoT product or simply need a data communication solution, we know the right hardware to use.

Consultancy services

We can give you valuable advice on how to setup your hardware production chain, from suppliers to cost effective manufacturing options.

Latest Work

uRADMonitor CITY

A fixed monitoring station that measures the Air Quality Index according to international standards.

Measured parameters

The stock unit uses calibrated sensors to measure Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10), Ozone (O3), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

Data link

The hardware sends all data across wireless radio links, either using Wifi or LoRAWAN.

Data storage and Analysis

The data is centralized on the uRADMonitor servers and is accesible via an API.

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MagnaSCI Team

Radu Motisan

Chief Executive Officer

Radu Founded Magnasci back in 2015. With comprehensive multidisciplinary knowledge, he created, literally by hand, the first products of the company, including the uRADMonitor.

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